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This is the first post in a blog that is dedicated to ‘E-Books’. The aim of The E-Book Writer is to provide a no-frills, straightforward source of information for those who write E-books, or simply want to write any type of book….. and…. those who regularly publish E-Books, or simply would like to publish their very first E-Book. The E-Book-Writer Blog will hopefully build up in the coming months to become an unbiased source of information for everyone with the E-Book bug. With an estimate that is thought to be better than a reasonable guess, E-Book sales worldwide, will reach between 9 and 10 Billion units, in one form or another, by the end of 2016. That’s a big, big market…..and it’s simply sitting there waiting for your highly prized initial offering or eagerly awaited next contribution to the fickle world of literary acclaim. For the first time author, the process may be a little daunting; but hopefully, through these blog pages, you will be able to recognise a relatively easy and seamless path to fruition. The new E-Book world can take you to the point of publishing….that’s a straightforward, well documented route on the Internet. However, the E-Book world cannot guarantee that the very first novel you produce, loved and hailed by your close family and friends, along with all your mates down ‘the club’, will in fact be a success in a financial or literary sense. E-Book writing allows just about anyone to write more or less anything across a broad range of subject matter, fact or fiction and E-Book Publishing allows almost everyone to have their written work made available to the public at large. This can be as an electronic file that can be stored and read at will on some type of electronic device or an actual, printed, hard copy book provided to you and your discerning readers through the dark art of POD (Print on Demand).

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