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There is much discussion surrounding the size of the E-Book market and the rate at which it is growing. For you, the E-Book writer, there are two simple but major factors that affect the growth of E-Book sales. The first one is naturally the number and variety of electronic books floating around out there on the ether and the second, perhaps more important factor, is the sales growth of devices available in the market place, able to read the various popular electronic book file types such as .epub, .mobi, .ibook, .html and .pdf etc. The two biggest ranking sales outlets for E-Books worldwide, as of the date of this posting, are still Amazon Kindle Store and Barnes & Noble eBooks. Amazon have stated that they are now selling 105 E-books for every 100 printed books, including printed books for which there is no electronic edition. The comparison, they say, excludes free e-books, which would tip the scales further if they were included. Barnes & Noble sees it’s sales of e-books rising from about $250 million in 2010 to over $2 billion in 2015, according to CEO William Lynch. While e-book sales are expected to skyrocket, sales of print books through B&N are expected to fall from about $3.6 billion in 2010 to about $2.8 billion in 2015, Lynch reported. As for E-Reader devices, in the United States, across nearly all demographics, ownership of tablets jumped from single-digit to double-digit percentages from November 2010 to mid-January 2011. A similar level of growth has been seen in UK and other major European economies. The table below shows some figures that indicate the E-Book is here to stay and is likely to become the future ‘media of choice’ in reading as a tool for education as well as entertainment.
Country                     Est. Book Market Size     Est. Market Share
United States                    27.9 Billion Dollars                    6.2%
United Kingdom              3.10 Billion Pounds                   6.0%
Germany                             9.60 Billion Euros                      1.0%
France                                  5.60 Billion Euros                      1.8%
Spain                                     2.90 Billion Euros                      2.4%
Netherlands                       1.20 Billion Euros                      1.2%

Research By O’Reilly Media: The Global eBook Market Report: Current Conditions & Future Projections:2011.

Writing an E-Book is now the ‘way to go’ from the aspect of the writer and even the publisher, with new players entering the market daily. Alongside new publishers and new titles comes more competition for your literary masterpiece. So after you have slaved and sweated over your new, or perhaps latest E-Book, read it, re-read it, edited it and edited it even more; found a friend who has knocked you up a reasonable book cover and finally walked casually through the free publishing process, you now have to promote it….and there begins another tale!

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