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If you wish to make inroads into writing your e-Book or E-Novel, then this process will require some TIME.! Making the time to write your eBook could be a matter of straightforward time management. Time is the common denominator in all our lives; no matter who you are, who you are a partner to or who you work for, we all have the same number of hours in a day. It is up to you to manage the way you use this precious time. Here is a route you could take to look at your time and find a way to write for about two hours each day.

Initially, you have to make the decision to do it. If you want to write an eBook, don’t just tell yourself you’re going to do it, make it a project; tell others about it. They will obviously become a pain over time by keep questioning you about the progress of your ‘project’, but this will keep you on your toes and hopefully reduce the number of times a day you beat yourself up for not meeting your constantly slipping targets.

Write your work down where you can see it. Having a visual reminder of what you are committed to and the inroads already made can make a big difference to your results.

If you have a busy schedule and who doesn’t, then try writing in fifteen minute increments. Many professional writers find they can write for fifteen minutes without editing what’s just been written. After you have done this for two or three fifteen minute periods you can go back and take a closer look at your writing and perhaps devote some of your ‘quiet’ time to doing a daily edit.

Whether you work from home or have to turn up at the office each day, make sure you mark out and ring-fence some time for yourself that can be used for writing. You can write in your lunch break, on the train to work, staying over at the office for just fifteen minutes a day or getting up that little bit earlier and fitting in a quarter of an hour before breakfast.

When at home, turn off your television! If you think you really must see a particular program, record it and watch it later without the commercials. If time management is a real issue for you, then watching television, when you could be writing, has no part in your life. This may seem to be a harsh statement, but reality confirms that when you’ve made your first million, solely through your writing efforts, then there will be plenty of time for the TV.!

No matter who you are, if you wish to be a successful writer, then you will need to schedule blocks of time to write, like you would if you were setting any other set of time consuming appointments.

By making your writing a priority in your daily life, you will accomplish your main aim which is to get your E-Book or E-Novel written. Be strict with yourself….but have some fun too. Don’t make the mistake of letting writing become a ‘chore’ or one of two things will happen. You will produce poor work or you will give up entirely!

The E-Book Writer